Finally enjoy your ipTV content.

Beautiful UI

Watch your digital content, TV Live, Movies, and TV Shows with style!

Powerful stream player

MP4, FLV, MOV, HLS... our fast and strong stream player handles every formats!

Enhanced search bar

Search Movies, TV Series and Live channels!

Settings page

Your content, your settings, your customization. Enjoy our dark mode and others customizations just for you!

Multiple playlists support

We never have enough content in a single playlist. Don't worry, we handle this for you, add as many playlists as you want.

ICloud synchronization

All your data is synchronized on your Apple iCloud to make it available on all your devices and only accessible to you.

Subtitles selection

Beautiful and easy to read subtitles to watch your original content.

Audio tracks selection

From 'Bonjour' to 'こんにちは' in a single touch!

Telegram group

Join our telegram group to discuss about future features and so much more.