Last updated
September 24 2020

Privacy Policy

1. IPTV+ is a utility app that allows you to parse your playlists and watch your content.

2. Neither IPTV+ nor its developer provides any content for it and you are the only responsible for it.

3. IPTV+ doesn’t save any data from you and its developer cannot access any of your data.

4. IPTV+, using Apple Framework CloudKit, stores on your iCloud only the data you want to store such as playlists, favorites, continue watching, hidden channels, parental controls and this remain only accessible to you. This data is on your iCloud and will use your iCloud space if available, or won’t work otherwise.

Personal Data

We collect absolutely nothing. Everything you do is saved to your iCloud and is synced across your devices using the same iCloud account.

Any questions?

If you have any questions at all, about your data or any other query, kindly contact us. We are happy to answer everything!